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We can meet all of your dumpster needs

We have have variety of different sized dumpsters for all of your needs. We can handle anything from a residential use to commercial 

     15 yard Dumpster
  • Holds 5 Pickup truck loads of waste
  • Ideal for heavy materials, concrete, asphalt, small deck demolitions, or roofing debris
  • Maximum of 10 tons of waste
     20 yard Dumpster
  • Holds 8 Pickup truck loads of waste
  • Ideal for home cleanouts, attic, basement or garage cleanouts.
  •  kitchen or bathroom remodels
  • Maximum of 10 tons of waste
     30 yard Dumpster
  • Holds 14 Pickup truck loads of waste
  • Office or large home renovation projects or junk removal
  • Maximum of 10 tons of waste
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How much is 1 ton?

​    Waste Material      Amount
          Concrete  -                                      1/2 Cubic Yard
          Bricks (8in x 4 in x 2/14in) -        450-500 Bricks
          Wood Studs (2in x 4in x 8ft) -     200 Studs
          Ceramic Tile -                                 500 Square FT
          Asphalt shingles -                         1,000 Square FT
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What can be disposed of in a dumpster




Drywall and Plaster
Appliances and Furniture
Tree Trimmings
Grass Clippings

               Not Accepted


Drums of Liquid

Considerations prior to dumpster drop off

  • Avoid areas near pedestrian walkways or automobile traffic

  • Select a level surface, free of debris and obstructions like low hanging wires or tree branches

  • Check with city officials and neighborhood HOAs to determine if any permits are required for your desired placement and obtain them prior to delivery

  • Make sure gates are unlocked or provide our driver with a key or code to gain access to the service area

Considerations for Dumpster pick up

  • Ensure items in your dumpster are evenly distributed and not sticking out of the top

  • Do not exceed the maximum tonnage allowed (10 tons)

  • Move parked vehicles or other obstacles that may prevent access to your dumpster

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